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Pilot project
Welcome to a different kind of schools guide.
This is a pilot project covering state secondary schools in England that puts hard-to-find data into the hands of parents and teachers and shows the many ways in which schools can excel. If you're looking for a secondary school for your child, insert the name or the school's postcode. Once you're there, you can personalise the profile according to what matters most to you.
Teacher in class
How to use the Schools Guide

Most parents rely on too little information when choosing a school

Pupil with test tube
How does it work?

The Schools Guide draws on 10 indicators. So what are they?

Pupils in school
How to choose a school

Results and Ofsted ratings are not the only things to consider

Pupil with test tube
How experts choose schools

Parents with insider knowledge explain how they made their choices

Pupils in school
Secrets of successful schools

Some schools have pupils lining up for reasons that go beyond league tables

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